How did John Mitchell Potter ll die? What happened to John Mitchell Potter ll?

John Mitchell Potter ll died on a random Wednesday

John Mitchell Potter ll died On 20 July. He is the son of John Mitchell Potter and Rhonda Bartley Potter. He was born on 24 July 1989. He was quite young to have this sudden death.

John Mitchell’s family:

John Mitchell was 32 years old. He was known to be the cause of his parents. His reason for death is not cleared yet, and the family hasn’t tried to open up about it in front of the media. 

We understand their concern regarding their son and will respect it even though sources are trying to find out the reason behind this. He was young to deserve this kind of sudden death. His family and friends have been receiving condolence and emotional support from his well-wishers. 

They are so devastated by this news. It will take some time for his family to get over this thing. There is not anything precisely clear by the sources behind the reason for his death, so it is tough to provide information about this at this moment.

John Mitchell’s funeral:

The funeral was held on 24 July in Southland Christian Church on Harrodsburg road. The body viewing will take place 2 hours before the burial, which is at 3 pm, and the funeral will be at 5 pm. 

He was buried the next day after Sunday, on Monday 25 July, at pinkville, Kentucky. At his funeral, the pallbearers were Sam Duff, Hudson Rogers, Evan kear, Blake Branham, Jason hunter, Daniel Potter, Dillon potter, Jax Thompson, and Drake potter. 

Many others were present at that very moment to show their tribute and condolence towards him. Everyone showed their sorrow, and his family’s well-wishers were there to support them at that moment emotionally. 

The funeral took place in a pretty leisurely and unrushed manner. Everyone was at their peace and having a silent moment. They showed their tribute in silence and prayed for his soul.

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