How did Khalid Ibrahim die? What happened to Khalid Ibrahim?

Khalid Ibrahim’s health status and past political life

Khalid Ibrahim, a Malaysian politician, and lawmaker was declared dead on 28th July 2022 on the internet. This news got viral as soon as his picture from the hospital got on social media. He is 75 years old and has been dealing with kidney illness and diabetes for a long time.

Is Khalid Ibrahim dead or not?

Khalid Ibrahim, the 75 years old politician, was declared dead on the internet the previous day. He is sick from a lung infection and has been receiving dialysis, and he keeps getting well. 

Even though the journey for him is not that easy right now, he is currently dealing with some serious issues with his health. And has been in the ICU ward for a while. He’s been receiving lots of prayers and sympathy from his well-wishers.

His spokesman said that he had been taken to the nearby hospital for treatment. And also, he is not dead. It was a rumor which was all over the internet. It is warned not to believe these kinds of rumors and to depend on the actual broadcasting news channel for this big news.

Khalid Ibrahim’s political life:

He joined a political party in 1946, and around 2006 he became one of the charms of any political or social gathering. He was elected as chief minister from 2008 to 2014. The second time the election was quite hectic for him. 

No matter what he did, it turned out to be a controversy except for how exclusively he handled his leadership role for his state. Soon, in the social gathering, he was expelled from it. 

He also worked as a CEO for malasianized Guthrie from 1993 to 2003. He worked many roles to get to where he is right now. Currently, he is dealing with his health issues and hopefully will be better soon.

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