How did Marcus Fairs Die? What happened to Marcus Fairs?

Marcus Fairs, the founder of Dezeen, passes away.

The death news of  Marcus Fairs is all over the news. Marcus Fairs, the founder of Dezeen, has passed unexpectedly, astonishing and disheartening his admirers. In 2006, he established the Dezeen. Fairs cultivated a renowned for terrifying intensity, an exceptional instinct for journalistic talent, and an uncompromising commitment to the cultural significance of art and construction while serving as editor of Icon and later as CEO and editor-in-chief of Dezeen.

He abruptly died after Fairs went to the hospital on Tuesday because he was suffering from the disease. His wife, Rupinder Bhogal has not revealed the cause of his death.

Publisher Organise Entertainment Group’s Tom Broughton, managing director of Building and BD, expressed gratitude by saying:

“When we learned of Marcus’s passing, we were both astonished and devastated. We’ll remember him for his stream of exciting ideas, unmatched networking abilities, energy, infectious enthusiasm, and, of course, for Dezeen, which he turned into a major success through his tenacity, creativity, and dedication. He was an exceptional journalist and editor who started his early career in architectural journalism working on Building Design and who also made a significant contribution to Building as a pioneering features editor.”

Prior to entering the field of architecture journalism, Fairs researched design systems. She has since worked for Urban Construction and Design. Besides creating and establishing the internet design magazine Dezeen from his guest room, he created the architectural and design journal Icon.  Along the way, he received numerous honours, including Business Web Editor of the Year from the British Society of Magazine Editors. He became the first digital journalist to be named honors. 

“I was shocked to learn about Marcus Fairs’ unexpected and early passing. Marcus was a trailblazing and innovative journalist who played a key role in establishing a new path for architectural journalism in the UK.

He established a global platform for architecture and design at Dezeen, increasing the visibility of the creative industries everywhere. Marcus, a perceptive writer, and insightful observer brought attention to a number of up-and-coming architects and designers and was crucial in showing how outstanding design can improve the world.”

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