How did Nicholas Toledo Die? What happened to Nicolas Toledo?

Grandfather died in Highland Park shootings while visiting family: “He was the one who saved all of our lives,” said her granddaughter

Nicholas Toledo, a grandfather visiting relatives in Highland Park, was one of the victims of the mass shooting at the Fourth of July parade in the north suburban, according to his granddaughter.

How did Nicholas Toledo’s granddaughter react to his unfortunate death?

Nicholas Toledo wasn’t sure if he wanted to attend the Highland Park Fourth of July parade. He had a walker and anticipated that many people would become to see the parade floats, according to Xochil Toledo, his granddaughter. On Monday morning, they all travelled to Central Avenue together since they didn’t want to leave him alone. As a band went by them playing music, she recalled turning to look at her grandfather who was seated in the midst of her family. He was ecstatic, she remarked. “Happy to be in the present time.” When bullets started flying in their direction, they didn’t realise someone had started firing on the gathering until three of them hit her grandfather, who died instantly. He was the one who gave us all a chance at life. My boyfriend, my cousins, or I would have received it, she stated.

About the mass shooting that killed Nicholas Toledo:

Toledo claimed her father was wounded in the arm while attempting to protect her grandfather. While turmoil erupted all around them, her father and a cousin stayed with her grandfather. She immediately discovered that her partner had been shot in the back as other people attempted to flee. She claimed they weren’t sure if there would be enough ambulances arriving for all the patients, so someone was able to take her partner to a neighbouring hospital. We were all shocked, Xochil Toledo stated. “We were in tears. All that had occurred left us in disbelief. We were unable to breathe. After the parade, the family had intended to gather for a Fourth of July barbeque, but according to Toledo, they remained in shock all day Monday. To aid with funeral costs, the family started a GoFundMe page. We’re just so furious about everything, she said. We are weakened and numb. Her partner was still in the hospital as of Monday, but her father was discharged from the hospital, she claimed.

Who was Nicholas Toledo? (Wiki, Age, Bio)

The majority of Nicholas Toledo’s life had been spent in Morelos, Mexico; he had recently travelled to Illinois to see his family. Due to the injuries he had had from being struck by a car in Highland Park a few years prior, the family wanted him to stay permanently. According to Xochil Toledo, her grandfather had eight children in his late 70s, with the majority living in the United States and the remainder in Mexico. Her granddad struck out with his broad smile and striking blue eyes. According to Toledo, he liked to fish, colour, and go for walks through Highland Park. He had no desire to be inside. He yearned to be outside all the time, she claimed.

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