How did Patrick De La Cerda Die? What happened to Patrick De La Cerda?

Patrick De La Cerda was killed in Florida, and 48 Hours talks about it. Where is his girlfriend Jessica Devnani now?

Deltona native Patrick De La Cerda was found dead in his home in 2018 and is the subject of the current episode of CBS’s 48 Hours. 

Gregory Bender, who used to be engaged to Patrick’s girlfriend, Jessica Devnani, assassinated Patrick at his home. Jessica came forward to the authorities after Patrick’s death on February 27, 2018, and said she suspected Bender of killing him.

Where are Daymara Sanchez and Jessica Devnani at the present moment?

Because of the loss of her fiancé, Jessica has been in a great deal of distress. Because of Gregory’s good-heartedness, Jessica’s fiance was killed by him after he committed a tragic mistake. Devnani still wears the engagement ring her fiance gave her. She described the moment she found her fiance shot and laying on the ground as harrowing. Daymara, Gregory’s ex-girlfriend, told authorities that he was involved in the death of Patrick De La Cerda. Because Daymara helped catch Gregory, she is a hero.

Jessica, on the other hand, is still mourning the loss of her fiance. She believes she was taken from us far too soon and that her happiness and well-being were in jeopardy.

What happened to Patrick De La Cerda?

When Jessica Devnani first met Patrick De La Cerdia in June of 2017, they met on the Plenty Fish dating service. In December 2017, he proposed to her, and she enthusiastically accepted. When Patrick proposed, he merely used a temporary ring. So Patrick went out and purchased an original band for her as a wedding gift. Getting the ring delivered to his Deltona, Florida, home was something he was eagerly anticipating. In the wake of Jessica’s relationship with Patrick, Bender appears to have begun harassing her via text messaging. Despite the messages being given to the authorities, Gregory was not arrested. As soon as Bender’s ex-wife, Daymara, learned that Patrick De La Cerda had been murdered and suspected that Bender might be involved, she immediately informed the authorities. Sanchez told authorities that she had discovered a plan to kill someone in her ex-notebook. husband’s as much as she claimed the letters were “fiction,” CBS News managed to find some of them in a trash can along with shells that matched those found at the crime scene.

Bender was charged with first-degree murder after he was taken into jail. He was later convicted guilty of the murder of Patrick De La Cerda and sentenced to life in prison. When Patrick was slain on February 27, 2018, it occurred in his own home. His absence in the morning prompted her to rush to his residence and discover that he had died. Upon learning that Gregory Bender was engaged to Daymara Sanchez and harboured enmity toward Jessica, Jessica went to the police and reported Gregory Bender as a person of interest. When it came to investigating the murder, Devnani’s comments did assist the police narrow down Bender as a suspect.

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