How did Ruby Grace Edwards Die? What happened to Ruby Grace Edwards?

Ruby Grace Edwards died due to covid. 

We are hearing news that is so sad and heartbroken as it says that a 23-month-old girl died because of covid, and it’s just two weeks before her birthday. We cannot think about how her family is feeling now about the loss of her daughter. 

People should be aware of the health of small children because they are also getting covid, and it is very difficult for them to deal with such pain at this typical small age, and we should pray to god to give all humans peace who died because of covid.

Details about how she got covid:-

She is the youngest person who got covid and died because of it. There are many sources where she can get covid. It could be the place she used to go or play. She is from Queensland, Australia, and her father announced this sad news. 

Her father had written a very long paragraph about all this. The name of her father is Steven Edwards. He said I। His post said that his daughter died in Brisbane Children’s Hospital on July 24 at 4.21 pm, which was just two weeks before her second birthday.

News posted by Steven Edwards on Facebook:-

He said that she died in the hospital, and before that, she suddenly got covid and was very ill, so they were admitted to the hospital. However, still, there are no improvements. 

Doctors tried their best, but they could not do anything. It breaks her immune system and also affects her brain. Still, we should be thankful to the doctor that she left this world peacefully without facing any significant pain; it would take much time for them to move on from this pain, and the whole family is heartbroken there. 

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