How did Tony Rivenbark Die? What happened to Tony Rivenbark?

The synonymous colossal of Thalian Hall, Tony Rivenbark, passes away at 74

A protracted veteran of Wilmington’s theater society has passed away. Thalian Hall Center for the Theater Program, Inc.’s Advisory council and personnel announced Tuesday. ‘ Tony Rivenbark, Executive and Artistic Director, passed away last night.’  He was 74 at the time of his death.

Rivenbark had performed in almost 200 theater shows. Having joined Thalian Hall, he was a member of UNCW’s SRO Summer Stock for 11 years and performed off-Broadway in Holy Ghosts alongside Beth Grant and the Passionate Men featuring Peter Bartlett.

The artistic passion of the visionary:

Rivenbark seems to have been a cultural touchstone throughout the Cape Fear area for years as an executive, archaeologist, performer, novelist, philanthropist, composer, and innovator, inspiring and mentoring numerous individuals in the crafts and restoration locations throughout the globe.

Rivenbark led Thalian Hall, one of America’s probably the most popular heritage theaters, for more than nearly 42 years. Rivenbark was always an eighth-generation Duplin County, originally Warsaw, NC. He made his UNCW onstage debut in the opera Good News in 1966 while still a freshman. Thalian Hall was fundamentally reinvented during his administration into the dynamic, civic, and cultural hub that the local community now values.

Tribute from the Thalian board for the quixotic:

The board announced in a press statement that it will begin “a nationwide search for the permanent director.” “We recognize that finding the proper candidate to replace his shoes will be a difficult task,” THCPA Board Chair Terry Espy stated. “We are quite glad that the organization recently underwent a thorough audit, which has left us well prepared for the assignment.”

According to Fernando, burial preparations and initiatives for a public ceremony of Rivenbark’s lifetime and significant involvement in Wilmington’s artistic events would be disclosed in the following days.

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