Is Roger Bellamy dancer dead? What was the cause of his death?

Roger Bellamy, a Broadway dancer, has died.

Marcus Bellamy, a Ballet dancer who appeared in Spider-Man, murdered his partner Bernardo for insanity caused by meth use in August 2016. 

Following the murder, he  went to social media and  wrote, “I do it for love.” I do it because I care about you. He said that love and hate are the same emotion.”

The same day he killed his boyfriend, he made a series of alarming comments, including the one that said Jesus informed him Donald Trump would leave this world.

According to the source, after he was convicted, Almonte’s mother confronted him in the courtroom about killing her child, saying, “No one deserves to die the way you killed my son.  It is cruel. There is no reason. I have no idea why he was taken away. Only you can answer this question: “Why did you murder my son?”

“I want to apologize to the family,” Bellamy informed the jury. “Bernardo is a unique individual who did not deserve what happened to him. You inquired as to why your kid shared so much meth with me. That day, I felt your son was the devil. ” I don’t want to repeat my mistake. I’d like to clarify. Bernardo is my favorite. He helped me get out of my funk. I don’t want to annihilate anyone.”

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