Know how a man kills humanity in the form of a child Jakub Szymanski

It is very disheartening as we heard on the news that a man stabbed a 15-year-old innocent boy Jakub Szymanski. He was the son of 40-year-old Katarzyna Bastek, who was a citizen of the city of Manchester. 

This news is from 9 June Thursday. It is understood that a man named Suleman Altaf attacked his home and stabbed his mother, so while trying to save his mother, this innocent boy lost his life. And the age of Suleman Altaf is 44.

About the incident:- 

A man is in court charged with the murder of 15 years innocent and trying to kill his mother. The boy died after one hour of the incident in the hospital when the emergency services were called to an address in the area of Manchester his mother was also seriously stabbed, and she is recovering in the hospital and mourning the loss of her beloved child. 

People are saying that the murderer could be the ex-partner of ms Bastek and it is confirmed that atlaf was remanded into custody and will appear in the court on Tuesday.

Jakub Szymanski

In the tribute of Jakub Szymanski:

Jakub’s family said he was a loving child; his family members and relatives call him Kuba, and his friends call him Jakub. He was a famous child with many friends due to his chatty and friendly nature. 

He was a courageous boy who always listened and spoke his mind. Of course, like other children, he was a funny, mischievous and cheeky boy, and he liked football and Xbox and supported and loved his city Manchester, and he has a very helping nature.

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