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Jessica Reed: Instagram influencer says Johnny Depp talked about journalistic integrity’s death in a phone call.

Jessica Reed Kraus, who was found to be very famous on social media, meticulously shared updates on Instagram through Johnny Depp’s trial against her ex-wife, Amber Heard.

Kraus posted regular reports on her large followings as she heard the evidence from the courtroom in Fairfax County in place of Virginia, with a pro-Depp perspective. Her profile, @houseinhabit, which now has under 1 million subscribers, has benefitted from her enthusiasm again for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor. According to the social media analytics tracker Socialblade, this figure nearly doubled during the experiment.

Celebrities called Depp to check in with him during the trial, Kraus said-

Kraus revealed on Tuesday that she had spoken with Depp before the trial started. He talked with her after an hour, shared his “meanderings on the loss of real journalism,” and showed his admiration for her efforts, according to Kraus in a Substack blog.

“I don’t understand you, and I can know if I respect you given the language you use and the aesthetic of your works,” he adds. Kraus mentioned Depp. “He briefly explains the Burning Stone article that ruined his career and also made him trust the media. 

He has still not recovered fully from a mistake.” Depp’s legal and financial issues are covered in the popular newspaper in the 2018 profile for which he was questioned.

Some More Details:

Kraus addressed Depp’s “hard time trusting the wrong kind of people, and the problems it’s brought him in various periods through his career.”

In “Sub stack”, Kraus said that she met Depp via “an old friend of Johnny’s,” whom she had met via Instagram. She also Said that Kraus, as well as the unidentified friend, later got together and, in reality, chatted during the trial. She frequently heard FaceTime chats between Depp and also his buddies.

Kraus stayed at the same hotel as Depp’s lawyers throughout the trial. She once posted pictures of Depp’s attorney Benjamin Chew, who’d been clad in shorts and a Hollywood Vampires T-shirt, using the resort elevators.

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