Kevin Bieksa Missing from Sportsnet Since the Conclusion of Hockey Night, and Many are Eagerly Anticipating His Comeback

Many have been anxiously awaiting the return of Kevin Bieksa to Sportsnet since Hockey Night concluded. He seems to have disappeared from Sportsnet after the Hockey Night, resulting in public and media reports suggesting that he might be suffering from serious health issues. But the actual truth is that Kevin Bieksa is spending some time with his family members and thus taking a break. He is not having any health issues. He is completely fine and perfect. 

Who is Kevin Bieksa?

Kevin Bieksa’s real name is Kevin Francesco Bieksa. On June 16, 1981, he was born, and as of now, Bieksa is 40 years old. His speciality was playing defense as a professional hockey player. The Vancouver Canucks selected him 151st overall in the 2001 NHL Draft. He was once a representative of the Anaheim Ducks, another national team. 

The 2014 World Hockey Tournament was held in Minsk, Belarus, and Kevin Bieksa played there previously. He graduated from Bowling Green State University with a bachelor’s degree. Other than his professional life, his marital status is married to Katie Bieksa. They were married in 2006 and together had two children. 

Kevin Bieksa’s health condition-

Many reports claim that Kevin Bieksa has serious health issues and has been diagnosed with some diseases. But that report is wrong, and he doesn’t have any serious illness. He is perfectly alright and is living a peaceful life with his family. Kevin Bieksa has never been diagnosed with any disease or sickness. 

After the Hockey Night, he seemed to have disappeared from Sportsnet; thus, public and media reports concluded that he might have disappeared due to serious health issues and might have taken a break to cure the illness. But then the media reported that he was not having any health issues and was in perfect condition. He is also spending his time with family members. Anyways his supporters and fans are eagerly waiting for his comeback. 

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