Kimora Launmei Hodges abused a little child. 

Kimora Launmei Hodges, a 21-year-old woman, is accused of abusing an 11-month-old baby boy. We have often heard this kind of case that maid or babysitter abuse child or torture them, and sometimes kills them; hence it is not at all safe to leave the child with anyone stranger or less known because they can cause harm to the child emotionally or physically. 

It is really weird to think that how can person tortures a child means they are just so small what people get while harming them. Surprisingly, a woman physically abuses an 11-month-old boy, such a small baby.

Know how she harms the child:- 

Kimora Launmei Hodges babysits this small boy while his mother is at work. She was the neighbor who looked after his mother, but when she came, so the babysitter told his mother that he did not appear normal, so they called the doctor; they performed emergency surgery, but the child died due to his injuries, so we can conclude that she tortures the child physically.

She will face lifetime prison if found guilty:-

After that, the mother calls the police, and then the police take that woman under investigation. Then she confessed that she abused him physically, so there was a chance that she might go to jail for murdering such a small boy. 

Kimora Launmei Hodges

Authority will charge her with first-degree child abuse. The judge ordered that she be kept in Macomb County Jail and her next meeting in court is on Wednesday. 

If she is found guilty, then it is sure that she will go to a lifetime in prison, and it is correct because she had killed one small boy, and his mother will be crying for him. May God take care of his family.

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