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Cancer of Matthew Robertson

It is very painful to share the story of Matthew Robertson because he was so excited to be a father. Still, before becoming the child, he died due to cancer which was so sudden; he had epithelioid angiosarcoma and died on 6 June. 

His wife remembers him by saying he was an incredible man and was super excited to be the father of a girl. They got married in September 2021, and after some time, they found that they were pregnant, and they both were super excited to be parents. Matthew was super excited. He looked at children’s things such as baby boy and baby girl shoes.

About the disease:- 

When the child’s delivery date came near, Matthew started to feel tired, and his back started paining, so his wife Gracie explained all of this very easily that they went on so many trips. 

He was busy building things for their child; at that time, they did not think such a simple thing could turn into a life-ending disease. Is epithelioid angiosarcoma; it is rare cancer that affects the blood vessel. 

How they both deal after recognising the disease:- 

It is not easy to deal with such a disease. Still, they both were very positive regarding this. After that, they went for a regular check-up, but Matthew left this world at last. 

Gracie shared that she was upset because her child would not get the father she deserved, and Matthew wanted to be the father of a girl child. She said it was a bittersweet moment as Matthew should be present when the child came on the earth. 

Their love story started with bumble, and after that, they went for coffee dates.

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