Melanie Pillman Death, Wiki, Age, Biography, Husband

Melanie Pillman passed away at the age of 56 

Melanie Pillman, the ex-wife of popular WWE and WCW star Brian Pillman, passed away late at night, around 1:00 pm. At the time of her death, she was 56 years old. 

Melanie Pillman Wiki, Age, Biography

Melanie married Brian Pillman in 1997 at the time of his death. A large portion of her life had been poisoned by controversy, and she and Brian both were like speeding trains. They eventually ran out of steam as a pair. A few times ago, Late Melanie Pillman appeared on the Dark Side of the Ring episode where the main focus was all about the life of her late husband, Brian Pillman. 

Brian Pillman Jr.’s Statement on his mother’s dead: 

Brian Pillman Jr. Shared this news on his Instagram Story by saying that my mother, Melanie Pillman died yesterday at around 1:00 pm. To continue his statement, he talked about his relationship with his mother. She said that his fans, those who know their family background, already knew that the relationship between Brian Pillman Jr. and his mother was not good. 

He also shared the memory that he and his sister lived with his mother for that time to improve their relationship. Junior Piiman also shared some regrets and stories on the same insta story. He also added that her mother’s unexpected death was not surprising. Her lifestyle that dominated the better part of the last 25 years of her life had ultimately caught up with her. 

He also appreciates his mother for his beauty, sense of humor, and intelligence. Also, he mentioned her appearance on the dark side of the Ring, which said that he was very much happy with that. Junior also shared some regret with his mom while he confessed that being upset with her simply because she wanted to see her son. She looked healthy and sober. That was the last time I saw her. At last, Brian Pillman Jr. thanked his mom for bringing him into the world and contributing to his life. 

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