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Naira Ashraf: Can rejecting a marriage proposal leads to death.

In today’s scenario, some people are committing very bad crimes, and some are very cruel, just like the killing of Naira Ashraf, who rejects the marriage proposal of Mohamed Adel. 

They both are at Mansoura University, and Adel is in their third year. Adel murdered her and confessed to the world. By hearing this news, the whole of Egypt and the whole world is in shock; they are thinking that how can people be so mad that by rejecting, they can take another person’s life? They are killing humanity day by day. 

Adel said that he murdered Naira Ashraf:- 

During interrogation, he admitted that he had killed Naira and told the whole plan of how he plotted the murder. Police and officers have decided that they will find out whether Adel is telling the truth or not. 

They will suspect the whole thing about the incident for four days until the investigation is suspended. The Levian team had posted that Egyptian student Naira Ashraf was killed in front of the entrance of Mansoura University by a young man for no reason. She was going to her University on Monday morning from her home to take classes.

How family is reacting to the death of their child:- 

Their parents and sister of Naira told police that Adel constantly harassed her because their relationship didn’t work out after some time, and Naira was constantly rejecting the marriage proposal. 

Thirteen students also admitted that he had killed Naira as they were in that same place where he had committed the crime. 

The murderer also confessed to them that he insisted on her for marriage, but she rejected him and blocked him from social media. Everyone is giving condolences to the naira’s family in this hard time. We all should pray for them.

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