Noah Eli Gordon Found Unexpected Dead, Obituary, Passed Away

Noah Eli Gordon was a famous American Poet. He was also the co-publisher of Letters Machine Editions. Noah Eli Gordon was born in 1975 in Cleveland. He was brought up in Florida and Ohio. He got his Bachelor of Arts and Grasp of Superb Arts in poetry from Massachusetts Amherst College. 

He was well known for his playful poetry and collaborated with different artists in several shows. He was also well known for his writing and has written many famous books, which include The Phrase Kingdom within the Phrase Kingdom (2015), The 12 months of the Rooster (2013), and The Supply (2011). These are the most famous books in his collections which were loved worldwide.

Noah Eli Gordan’s great Achievements-

He was one of the famous book writers as well as a great poet. He has a lot of achievements in his career. His books and poems were published in many journals and anthologies, which include Bookforum, Fence, hambone Postmodern American Poetry, and many other journals. 

In 2007, he was interviewed by Rain Taxi, a magazine in which he worked. That year, his essay was awarded by critic Michael Robbins, Ripostes. In this essay, Michael Robbins called Gordan’s essay dead and non-reactive. However, no reactions were given by the great Gordan. 

News of his death gave his fans a Shock-

All his fans were shocked when the news of his death came out. They still cannot believe he has left this world and will never return. The sudden death of this great poet also shocked many other poets. The cause of his death is still not concluded. His soul may Rest In Peace.   

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