Phillip Bradford: Tried to escape Jefferson County prisoner shown in Cullman stealing an SUV after stealing an ambulance from UAB

According to the officers, inmate Phillip Bradford is supposedly just on the run within a week of trying to evade acquisition on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 22.

Police claim the officer entrusted with transporting the 45-year-old Bradford to the UAB clinic in Birmingham was overpowered by Bradford. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office reported in a press statement that the suspect fled the area in a vacant ambulance.

On June 22, around four o’clock in the morning, Bradford is believed to have escaped. According to additional reports, he later left the ambulance. Twenty miles from the hospital, Birmingham officers found the parked ambulances outside Robinwood. K-9 Deputies, as well as other Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies, all have joined the investigation for Phillip Bradford.

There are numerous charges against Phillip Bradford-

Bradford has been charged with stealing people, obstructing government work, possessing drug paraphernalia, and resisting police. Authorities continue putting all their efforts into finding Phillip Bradford and arresting him.

Local reporters from Cullman, Alabama, were told by the police that on Thursday, June 23, early morning, a man that looked to be Phillip Bradford had stolen a truck from the Shopping center parking lot. Just at the time of the theft, Bradford was with a woman who already had dirty blonde hair.

Recurring incidents of prisoners eluding capture-

Police looked for the three prisoners that fled from the Barry County Jail in southwest Missouri earlier in the month. Lance Stephens, Matthew Crawford, and Christopher Blevins are identified as the plaintiffs.

Phillip Bradford: Tried to escape Jefferson County prisoner shown in Cullman

The trio, who have all been known, had already been arrested on various drug, theft, and weapon-related charges. By making a hole in the cell roofs, the men could evade.

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