Six months after the birth, Morgan Beck and Bode Miller unveil the name of their baby.

After previously expressing their troubles with naming their 6-month-old baby, Morgan Beck and Bode Miller have decided on a name.

What name did the couple keep for their new born child?

On Thursday, the 35-year-old professional volleyball player announced the baby’s name in an Instagram slideshow, adding, “Six months of little miss Scarlet Olivia Khione Miller.” The athlete and her 44-year-old spouse welcomed their newborn girl into the world in December 2021 at their house. “She’s arrived!” Beck gushed at the moment on Instagram.

The following month, the couple acknowledged that they hadn’t decided on a name for the baby. “She’s stumped us on names so far,” Miller said in a January interview with Savannah Guthrie of the “Today” show.

“We have a lot of things we enjoy,” the former ski racer, who is also the father of Neesyn, 14, Samuel, 9, Nash, 7, Easton, 3, and twins Asher and Askel, 2, added, “but she hasn’t smiled or high-fived or anything when we say them to her, and we say them to her all the time.”

Names with which the couple referred to the child earlier:

“[They] are Skyler, Scarlet, calling her Lettie, or Olivia, calling her Liv,” Beck said at the time, referring to their “front-runners.” All of them have a distinct significance. As a result, we may need to go out to our social media followers and seek for help because she hasn’t been providing us with many answers.” Miller added in, describing himself as a “big Liv admirer.” While they waited, the couple nicknamed their newborn girl “Ocho,” the Spanish equivalent for “eight,” because she is the eighth child of the New Hampshire native.

Emeline, the couple’s first child, was born in November 2016, but the toddler sadly drowned nearly two years later in a neighbor’s pool. Miller went on to claim that the couple’s elder children were unusually “kind” around Emeline, and that he noticed a similar “energetic change” when Scarlet joined the family last year. “Because she was such a force, Emmy was such a nice balance,” the Olympian remarked. “When Emeline died, there was this void for all the lads.” “And now they have this little child,” says the narrator.

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