Street Racer Armon Warren was Arrested- know the reason behind his arrest

Atlanta Police arrested and charged Armon Warren, a serial street racer, with several offenses. Armon Warren, a serial highway racer, was apprehended by Atlanta cops and charged with several offenses. Police in Atlanta have detained a person they believe has effectively lured people into highway hustling events across the city. 

Who is Racer Street Racer Armon Warren: 

Armon Warren, a serial street racer, was captured and charged with a series of crimes by Atlanta cops. Police in Atlanta have arrested a man who they say has been actively participating in street racing events all across town. 

Who Is Street Racer Armon Warren And Why Is He Arrested

Why Racer was arrested:

Authorities got a complaint on Saturday about Armo Warren, a well-known highway racer killed in a fight in the 1600 block of Lakeside Drive. When they finally appeared, experts saw an orange Dodge Charger that had been wanted for an earlier incident for driving recklessly and lying cargo in space. 

Apart from that, Armon Warren, the Street Racer, is all we know. Why Was ‘Road Racer’ Armon Warren Arrested? Armon ‘Armo’ Warren, a highway racer, has been identified as the man charged with many traffic violations and accused of stealing 23 grams of maryjane and three guns. 

Officers looked for Warren’s driver’s license, which he had already revoked. Warren was soon apprehended, and specialists appeared in his car. They found 23 grams of maryjane, which was as effective as three weapons. Officers took his car from that point forward. 

He faced charges of careless driving, laying drag, obstruction, possession of less than an ounce of hashish, driving on the sidewalk, suspended permit, inappropriate stopping, evading and dodging, driving on an unsuitable roadside, and inability to adjust to visitors sign devices. 

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