The artist of the dance hall Merciless died, Cause of Death, Obituary

Merciless, one of the known artists of Dance hall was found dead on July 19 at a Harlem resort. Sir essays that they found their body lying on the floor of his room. His driver gave his claim to the officers that after checking in the hotel on Monday, he didn’t hear from him all day, so he got worried and thought of checking on him as he went to the artist’s room with the other hotel staff they found his body they’re lifeless. 

Merciless Death, Cause of Death

It was shocking for everyone as it was a significant loss for his family, friends, and fans. Sources say that they didn’t find any evil play there, and it was a case of sudden death, but still, they are investigating to their fullest extent. They found his body the next day at 4:30 in the afternoon. 

Everyone from then is in utter shock with this loss. It has been reported that the artist was drinking a lot before that, so this might be the cause of death, but nothing is clear right now. 

He turned 51 on July 1 and died just after 18 days. His real name was Leanord Bartley. He is currently working on his album. He announced last year that he was working on his upcoming album, which was supposed to be performed at his significant upcoming events. Whereas, it is unknown how much work he had done yet and how much was left.

Merciless professional journey-

He has been with the dance hall since 1994, and since then, he has been one the great performers of all time. His all-time hit ‘ Len Out mi Mercy’ will always be remembered by his fans. 

He also had some massive collaborations with some amazing artists. According to last year’s interview, he said he would be coming up with his new album, which would be different from his previous one. 

This one will be more related to the American genre, and it will lead him to be out of his comfort zone. By the way, his fans were quite excited with that news and waited so long, but it seems like the wait will never be close to the end cause they lost their gem this time.

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