Thirteen Ending Explained, What happens with Tracy in the end?

The Thirteenth is a coming-of-age film that shows a plot portraying abuse and physical relationships. Its ending was enough to leave viewers with teary eyes. Catherine Hardwicke, the director of cinema, had said in an interview that the film is somewhat related to her own life when she was 12 to 13 years old.

The film’s entire story revolves around two girls studying in 7th grade, and when one of them completely changes her lifestyle, it worries her close friends and family. 

More about the film-

It was released in 2005 and mostly got positive remarks from viewers. It shows young people doing various kinds of drugs, from marijuana to LSD, which might be difficult and triggering for some people to watch.

Some critics also said it might influence young teenagers badly, but the movie was a success despite all this. The film very well portrays the drug culture and aftermath of drug abuse, and in our opinion, it is great for anyone to watch who is influenced by drug culture. 

The thirteenth ending is explained-

After Tracy and Evie become best friends, Evie introduces Tracy to the dark world of drugs and boys. She gives her marijuana, drugs, and some other harmful substances. After manipulation, Evie even starts to live with Tracy. All of this drags Tracy deep into depression, and her reputation is destroyed even more.

During the ending, we see Melanie trying to send Evie away, to which Tracy also agrees. Because of this, Evie gets hurt and comes back to her house. She starts blaming Tracy for being a bad influence in her life. 

Tracy also stands up for herself and tells everyone that every change in her is because of Evie. The guests leave, and Melanie and Tracy share a big hug and eventually fall asleep.

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