How did Vladimir Makei die? Belarusian Foreign Minister passes away suddenly; cause of death explained

Vladimir Makei

Vladimir Makei had spent many years in the position of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. And he became the foreign minister in the year 2012. 

Before he took charge of the Foreign Minister, he worked as an assistant in the beginning and later in the position of chief of staff to Lukashenko. He was looking after a lot of things. He is married and has three children. 

Vladimir Makei’s cause of death:

It is very shocking to hear about the death of Vladimir Makei at the age of 64. On Saturday, his death was made official and announced to the public by the Foreign Ministry, saying that Vladimir Makei had died suddenly. 

But the cause of the death of Vladimir remains unknown. No one has opened up about what had happened to him and what he was going through his last time. 

How did Vladimir Makei die?

Vladimir Makei had lost his breath. It might be due to any causes- either illness or the struggles he had been suffering due to the age factor or any natural causes of sudden attacks. But no correct explanation has been given regarding it. Once he knew his death, every near and dear sent respect and tributes towards his death. 

What happened to Vladimir Makei?

Social media is getting filled with respect and tributes towards his death. His family and friends are not in the state of mind to explain what had happened to him, and they are in total despair about losing him. 

Hope the reason for his death will be revealed soon. Some losses are unbearable, but we must face them with heart and hope. Sending strength and prayers to his family. 

May his soul rest in peace

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