Twist in “Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 5”

So basically, this season is all about a love twist and confusion between two lovers. One boy took a girl on rent so that he could seek some help to impress the girl he loves, but she misunderstood that. 

After all, we all know there is a misunderstanding in every relationship, but to face and clear that is our responsibility and to love someone is the best thing ever. 

This drama shows us all the exciting episodes, and now people are waiting for this episode because this is one of the most interesting.

Misunderstanding between Mizuhara and Kazuya:-

Actually, due to some reason, Kazuya had to spend a night with Ruka, but they did not have any sex because Kazuya loved Mizuhara only; when Mizuhara went into their apartment of Kazuya, then she found him and the room very messy and a suspicion that both Kazuya and Ruka might have sex together. 

Still, after seeing the whole room, she suddenly asks this question Kazuya, after which he becomes speechless as he is trying to hide this thing from Mizuhara that they both share an apartment, so seeing him speechless, she leaves and becomes angry.

Rent A Girlfriend Season 2

Birthday gift of the Mizuhara from Kazuya:-

So to clear the misunderstanding, Kazuya thinks that he will give a gift to Mizuhara and make clear that he did not do anything physical with Ruka, but he does not know what gift he took for his girl. 

Does he again rent Ruka to help him find out Atlast Ruka told her that there is no value of gifts for girls but send some words of gratitude, so he did the same Mizuhara find a gift from him in her balcony then she opens and read all thing in which he also clears the misunderstanding and everything solved?

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