Who is Tyreke Walker? What did Tyreke’s parents say about the incident?

Tyreke Walker, a 14-year-old swimmer who has gone missing, is the subject of a prayer vigil in Orange Beach.

On Saturday, a vigil was held in Orange Beach for a Baton Rouge adolescent who went missing while swimming last weekend and is believed to have drowned. Around 60 people came to the beach to honor Tyreke Walker, a 14-year-old boy. They sang songs together and prayed for him and his family. His parents told a news channel that after considerable search and rescue efforts, their son has yet to be recovered.

Tyreke Walker Missing, Incident News

According to news sources, a Baton Rouge teen’s birthday party took a melancholy turn when he was dragged into stormy waves near Orange Beach, Ala. on Saturday, May 21, and has yet to be discovered.  The family of Tyreke Walker, 14, who recently graduated from McKinley Middle School with honors, told that his family only planned to remain for one day to celebrate his birthday, which occurred three days earlier. Walker has been missing since he became entangled in strong waves last Saturday after slipping from his father’s grasp while attempting to rescue him. The teen was “roped in” by perilous choppy waves, according to Orange Beach Fire Rescue. Clint Walker, his father, was nearly carried away with him, according to WALA, and was subsequently brought to the emergency department due to significant water inhalation.

Clint Walker stated, “He’s like, I can’t come back. I grabbed him and had him, but the water was dragging us back and forth. To be honest, I didn’t believe I’d make it. His grasp on me had loosened. I kept getting hurled to the depths of the sea, but I managed to get to land while he didn’t. I simply wish I’d hung in there a little longer.”

Tyreke Walker is still missing, according to Orange Beach Fire Rescue and their search for him continues. 

What did Tyreke’s parents say about the incident?

The Baton Rouge family was on their way to Orange Beach for the first time when tragedy struck. Tyreke’s mother, Tammy Nguyen, expressed her gratitude to the residents of Orange Beach for their kindness. Strangers have grown into friends after a long and arduous seven days. The community has rallied behind them and provided for all of their needs, giving food, cards, and prayers.

“We believe in prayers, and everyone has been giving them, so this is basically just an opportunity to pray and welcome him home soon.” The child’s mother stated, “We’re just waiting for any word at all for him to return home.”

The family asked everyone to keep their eyes alert over Memorial Day weekend in Orange Beach, where thousands of people are vacationing.

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