Vegan activist Tash Peterson heated argument with a horse carriage driver

The notorious vegan activist Tash Peterson was threatened by a horse carriage driver who said he would kill her and her cameraman. The horse carriage driver in Melbourne confronted them.

Notorious vegan activist Tash Peterson and her boyfriend Jack Higgs recently moved to Melbourne because she was allegedly banned from every liquor store in her home state, Western Australia.

What went down?

Tasha Peterson, who also has an account on Onlyfans, was walking down the street along Melbourne’s art Precinct near Southbank when she saw a horse carriage parked on the side of the road.

While her cameraman was filming, she said that the poor animal(horse) seemed to be depressed and was forced to stand and carry people around the city. It is ridiculous and cruel to these people and counts as animal cruelty. She then went forward and tried to free the horse, and while her cameraman continued to film, the horse carriage driver arrived at the scene.

He said, “I hope you are not filming my child.” Tash denied filming his child. He said, “if you do, i’ll beat you and your cameraman to death.” As Tash continued swirling insults at the driver and the carriage passengers about their shameless acts and cruel behavior, the driver walked away, saying he didn’t care.

Why is Tash Peterson controversial?

Tash is considered notorious for the ways she protests. She caught people’s attention when she arrived in Melbourne by staging a topless protest. She is infamous for these protests in Perth and across Australia, targeting areas like the supermarket, football matches, and fast food outlets.

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