West Georgian Professor Richard Sigman: Who is he? What did he do?

About Richard Sigman’s case

Early Saturday, a fight that began in a restaurant on Carrollton’s historic Adamson Square turned tragic.

Police claim security personnel at Leopoldo’s Pizza Napoletana ejected 47-year-old Richard Sigman from the premises after realizing he was carrying a firearm. They believe that Richard went to a parking garage across the street from the restaurant and fired several shots into a parked car.

Officials say that he hit 18-year-old Anna Jones while she was inside the car, and that Jones later died from her injuries. Richard was taken into custody by Carrollton police and charged with murder, three counts of aggravated assault, and criminal possession of a firearm.

Officials at Jones’s university verified that he was a student there, and the shooting happened less than two miles from the main campus. As reported by Channel 2 Action News, university president Brendan Kelly also verified that Richard was a faculty member at the school and claimed he has been terminated.

Statement by Michael Kelly for Richard Sigman’s case

University President Michael Kelly issued a statement expressing his “deepest sympathies” to Anna’s family and friends. “We recognize the emotional toll this news will take on many members of our university family. We ask that you remember Anna and her loved ones and everyone who has been affected by this tragedy in your prayers.”

A police report says the incident happened on Saturday at about 12:30 am. Outside of Leopoldo’s, Richard had a disagreement with another man. This individual said that Richard threatened to shoot the restaurant security.

According to the authorities, security personnel confronted Richard after discovering that he was armed and requested him to leave the establishment.

West Georgian Professor Richard Sigman: Who is he?

An investigation revealed that he went across the street to the courthouse parking deck and was shot several times at a parked car.

The police did not specify if Richard had a motive for shooting at that particular car or if he had simply opened fire on a passing vehicle. But he went ahead and hit Jones anyhow. The police report states that friends rushed the Carrollton adolescent to Tanner Medical Center, but she later died there.

Officers in Carrollton have stated that their investigation is ongoing. Upon his capture, authorities discovered that Richard already had the injury visible in his booking shot, as reported by Channel 2 Action News.

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