Who is Bob Crimo, the father of the Independence Day shooting suspect

After the incident that shook Highland Park, Illinois and the rest of the world, police arrested the man they believed was responsible.

Twenty-one years old Robert Bobby E Crimo III has faced seven charges of first-degree murder about the shooting event. Authorities said that he allegedly carried out the shooting by climbing onto the rooftop of a nearby business and open-fired just a few minutes after the parade started, making people run for their lives.

Planning of the shootings-

According to the Lake County Major Crime Task Force spokesperson, Rob planned for the shooting attack for weeks before finally executing it during the Independence Day parade on 4 July.

It is said that Rob was dressed in a woman’s outfit to conceal his real identity and blended well in the crowd as they tried to flee the area to save their lives. After getting away, he went to his mother’s house.

What was the motive for this brutal massacre?

Police authorities are yet to discover a motive behind the shootings. Still, according to the spokesperson, Covelli, no information could be found to say that the attack was racially or religiously motivated. There is also no indication that anyone else was involved apart from Rob.

Rob was taken into custody just a few hours after police publicly identified him as a person of interest. The suspect is said to have used his mother’s car and will be presented in court on Wednesday.

Attorney of the state of Lake County, Eric Rinehart, said that he would plead with the judge to keep Rob held without any bail. He also said that a dozen more charges’ will be added as the case proceeds further.

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