Who is Charlie Evans? And what happened to the hacker who helped Hunter Moore?

Series’ The most hated man on the internet is now available to watch on Netflix in the form of three parts docuseries. The plot revolves around a website named IsAnyoneUp.com, which was set up in 2010 by a man named Hunter Moore. The website later turns into a ‘revenge porn’ hub.

The show gives us an insight and perspective from the victim’s point of view and also from those who help Hunter take off the internet forever.

Who is Charlie Evans? (Wiki, Age, Bio)

In the show, Charlie was already making huge bucks by receiving the explicit content on his website, but it wasn’t enough. So, Hunter sought the help of a hacker named Charlie Evans. Charlie helps Hunter to access more such content for his nefarious website.

He does this illegally by hacking the email accounts of various women and then procuring their nude and private photos for Hunter’s website.

One of the victims, Kayla Law, sent her private image to herself via her email, and her picture ended up being on the website; that is when her mother, Charlotte Law, a private investigator, decided to take the matter into her hand.

Does the hacker get arrested?

When Charlotte gets the FBI involved in the case, Charlie Evans finally gets arrested. FBI agent Jeff Kirkpatrick discloses the id of the hacker by discovering his email address and tracing it back to his name.

As the investigation proceeds, we find that Charlie was paid $200 to hack these emails. After he pleads guilty, he is sentenced to 25 months in prison. 

He states money and his poor financial situation is the reason behind his participation in the crime. Charlie was released from prison in 2017 and was under the watch till 2021; his current whereabouts are unknown.

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