Who is Deorr Kunz? And what has happened to her?

Deorr Kunz vanished six years ago. The day will ‘haunt the rest of our life,’ according to the family.

Lemhi County police searched for DeOrr for a long time but could not locate him. Six years have passed since the child went missing.

DeOrr disappeared after attending  a family gathering at his grandparent’s house  on July 10, 2015

The boy went missing, leaving no trace. However, no one was apprehended in connection with his disappearance. Years later, two suspects were discovered but never caught or charged. The parents have stated from the start that they had no idea how their son got missing. What happened to their son.

The investigation has been pretty calm in court for the two years, but Penner says detectives are hard at work lately.

“We’re planning another hunt for this summer,” he told the sources. “Normally, we have one very large one followed by some follow-up with smaller groups.”

Over the years, expert and amateur groups on the walk, horseback, and Quads have searched the remote park hundreds of times. Helicopters and drones have been used to conduct aerial investigations.

Several undercover agents have looked into the issue; however, no substantial information on DeOrr’s location has been revealed.

“I’m not sure what happened. Was he kidnapped? Was he the victim of some sort of deception… or was it some type of natural take, in which case he could have slid out and we simply missed him?” Penner elaborates. “I suppose I could say one of those three.”

DeOrr’s grandmother, Trina Clegg, said her family is still optimistic that DeOrr will be located. Mitchell’s old iPhone was just unlocked, and the relatives loved seeing images of DeOrr.

“We’ve been passing them around. They’re precious since we’d forgotten about several images,” Clegg adds. “We will try everything we can to find him until the day we all die. We’ve lost two grandfathers (Walton and DeOrr Kunz Sr.) as a result of this, and we hoped that when the grandfathers go to heaven, we’d get an explanation. We don’t have an answer yet.”

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