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Diane Cusick: A serial killer

We all know how fast the crime rates are increasing. A person who had committed a crime before can even commit a crime after that, which means that we cannot predict anything. 

We all know that charges and punishment will still be torture tables; some people commit a crime and go to jail for most of their lives. Killing someone is the worst crime ever; it’s the same as killing humanity. Just like one person is alleged to have killed two women, his name is Diane Cusick. 

He had killed the young mother and dance instructor outside Green acres mall in 1968.

More about this incident:-

He had also left some clues which could have sent him to jail for more than 23 years. On Wednesday, Authorities unsealed an indictment against a longtime Jersey prison inmate known as Torso killer; they had made DNA evidence which tells that this was the same person who had committed a crime some years before; as I said before, once a criminal is always a criminal because it’s just impossible to change his mind. God can only do this; he is the last hope of all of us to prevent us from all these crimes.

Whole plotting of the criminal:- 

The person is very criminal as he had killed two women. He is 75 years of investigation going on as he is behind all these murderers or different people, but most of the things tell us that he is the only one who had killed these two innocent women. 

There must be some personal reason or the public likes to steal or buy something. It could be strategic, but what could we do? We can only pray for their family, and let us hope to God to remove such evils from society.

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