Who is Jennifer Faith? And what was the cause of her death?

Recently there is news about Jennifer Faith who plotted her husband’s death very smartly. She was sentenced to life in prison for plotting her husband’s 2020 murder later she pretended to be the victim and raise fifty-eight thousand dollars from a GoFundMe account. She spent all the money on gifts for her boyfriend. Initially charged Ms. Faith with tampering with evidence last year. She was charged with using a commerce clause to kill another person on her boyfriend.

What are the charges against her?

In her plea, government lawyers decided to withdraw the impeachable offense and suggest a life sentence. Ms. Faith admitted guilt in February and was convicted by U.S. District Court on Tuesday.

“I turned around and saw this person shooting and shooting. I couldn’t believe it – I’d never met him. “Like, why?” she cried out. “I think I’ll take five or six shots.” And he just kept going, and I said, “Stop!”

“And then I saw the person turn and come toward me with just dark eyes.” And so I began – I yelled no and began to run. “And he threw me to the ground,” she went on. 

Investigators even used security audio of Ms. Faith shrieking during the assassination attempt and recordings of her hysterically crying thereafter as proof.

Ms. Faith later told a judge that her boyfriend, Darrin Ruben Lopez, 49, shot her husband,  (Mr. Lopez has been charged with murder by the state and a gun crime by the feds. He has entered a not guilty verdict both to fees. He is considered innocent till the convicted in a court of law, as are all defendants.)

Ms. Faith was aware that her boyfriend had sustained a traumatic brain injury while serving in the United States Army. He is handicapped. She gave Mr. Lopez money and gifts in order for him to murder her husband.

“No amount of time in federal prison will ever bring Mr. Faith back, but this sentence demonstrates the gravity of Ms. Faith’s criminal actions. Her spineless attempt to influence law enforcement and public opinion will live on in the hearts of those affected by her heinous crime.” jury told her.

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