Who is Marco Muzzo? What was the cause of his death?

In 2015  was driving his vehicle while he was heavily drunk and killed three kids, their grieving father, Edward Lake, had been living in pain after losing everything his kids had.

He recently died, and his death news is everywhere on news portals.

His wife, Jennifer Neville-Lake, has verified the news of his passing. On Father’s Day, she shared a devastating Tweet containing pictures of their kids’ graves.

2022 Father’s Day This can’t possibly be true. The post states, “It can’t be.

She stated, “Edward Lake, the father of my kids, has joined our kids so they can play together, forever.”

“He will never again look into Harry’s eyes. Daniel’s curls won’t ever again reflect sunlight. I shall never again witness Milly’s hesitant smile appear on his lips. Thank you, Edward.”

In that tragedy, Gary Neville, the children’s grandfather, was fatally injured along with their grandmother and great-grandmother by Marco Muzzo.

“When I found out about Ed Lake’s unfortunate passing this evening, I was extremely devastated. The Neville-Lake family has suffered heartbreaking losses “

Regional Police confirm the death news of Edward. After entering a guilty plea to two counts of driving while intoxicated causing bodily harm, and four counts of driving when drunk, causing death in 2016, Muzzo was ultimately given a 10-year prison term.

Lake informed the court during Muzzo’s sentencing hearing that he had been experiencing regular horrible nightmares, violent inclinations, and melancholy.

“I’m confused. I’m devastated. I feel like that “After the hearing, he informed the media outside the prison.

Who is Marco Muzzo?

According to rumours, police had been rushed to Lake’s house on Father’s Day because of an incident. He was bailed on Monday morning after spending the night in jail due to mental health order. 

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