Who is Neculai Paizan? And what are the charges against him?

Neculai Paizan is accused of murder. 

Neculai Paizan has been convicted of murdering a lady. He had beaten her to death using a heavy tool. Neculai Paizan is suspected of assaulting Agnes Akom, 20, in a modified cargo container in  London. After killing her, he took her body out in the trash and dumped her body in an unmarked grave.

Akom was discovered abandoned in a forested part of Neasden sports field, underneath a stack of twigs and wood.

She mysteriously disappeared on May 11, last year. Her corpse was covered in black plastic, and a string was put across her neck. Paizan, 64, stated that Akom poisoned him with an iced coffee; however, he did not slip it and assaulted her. “I attempted to take her to the park, put her in a good location,” he stated to the Old Bailey jury.

“The level of violence Paizan used in his attack on Agnes is truly horrific. What she suffered inside the container does not bear thinking about.

“Whilst it is not clear why he killed her that day, his attempts to hide his crime in the following hours and days show a calculated effort to ensure that not only was Agnes never found, but that he would not be caught.”

Paizan and Akom had met less than two years  before the hideous crime happened. “Our findings, and what we know about Agnes, tell us that although she was vulnerable, he certainly lied about her background and personal condition to mislead the jury,” John added. He most likely preyed on her vulnerabilities to mistreat her, eventually resulting in her murder.”

Paizan was linked to the assassination by call records, Surveillance, and plasma discovered in the container that fitted Akom’s DNA.

He stated she was “like such a granddaughter,” and he addressed her as “princess, tiny darling, and sparrow,” whereas she greeted him as “grandpa.”

According to the killer, they encountered a road where she begged for money. 

However, findings showed that he took advantage of her fragility and offered her compensation.

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