Who is Shontover Kirkland? Death caused by the carelessness of Shontover Kirkland

We hear about so many accidents in our life. In newspapers, we see so many cases of people dying because of one stupid cause; just like today, we are crossing one case full of stupidity. 

One woman pushed one man from a pontoon boat into the Lake in northeast Georgia because some Friends went to celebrate a birthday on the boat. Kirkland pushed one man, she thought that he knew how to swim, but that person did not know how to swim so just after that the man’s best friend jumped into the Lake, and after that, they disappeared and were found after some weeks near Lake dead. So that lady was sent to jail for one year and nine years of probation.

Some Details about the incident:- 

Women went to jail for pushing those men into a lake. This happened in April of last year at a boat ramp on Clarks Hill Lake. She pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter charges. 

The names of those two men who died are Edward Lee Kirk and Eynn Wilson. According to police, she pushed Edward Lee Kirk into Clarks Hill Lake. Eynn Wilson, the best friend of Kirk, jumped into Lake to save him, but after some time, they both disappeared, and their bodies were discovered after some time.

Birthday celebration led to such a cruel accident:-

The age of that woman was 32 at the time of her arrest, and it is said that she rented two boats, and there were more than a dozen. It is said that they were there for a birthday celebration. 

A report given by WJBF-TV in the 2021 arrest warrant noted that Kirkland did wrong without knowing whether another person could swim or not. In court, the lady accepts her fault.

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