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Three Doctors at St. Francis hospital were killed, and a patient named William love was shot during gun firing.

A shocking incident took place in St. Francis hospital, where three hospital employees, including a patient named William Love, were shot dead by a former patient of the same hospital.

Who all were killed in the hospital in Oklahoma?

An incident occurred in an Oklahoma hospital, where four people were shot dead. Out of the people killed, three were employees, and one of them was a patient of the same hospital. The victims’ names were Dr. Stephanie Husen, Amanda Glenn, and Dr. Preston Phillips. 

The killer was armed with a AR 15-style and a handgun which they used to kill the victims. Tulsa city officials revealed that his sole motive was to kill Dr. Preston Phillips, which they came to know from a letter written by the killer. While the gun was firing, the killer killed himself too.

Why does the gunman want to kill Dr. Preston Phillip?

On 19th May, Dr. Preston Phillip performed back surgery on the accuser in St. Francis Hospital. The patient experienced back pain even after getting the surgery, due to which he called the doctor several times for additional treatment. 

Dr. Preston had denied his request; it’s unknown whether further treatment was needed or not. Officials found the letter written by the killer at the crime scenes in which it was mentioned that his main target was Dr. Preston Phillip, but whoever comes in his way may get killed as well. 

The OPD appointments at the St. Francis hospital have been canceled for a week. One of the doctors named, Ryan Parker, apologizes to the family of William Love; the staff of St. Francis hospital is grieving the loss of their colleagues as well. 

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