Who was Kerby Craig: The chef succumbed to an unknown cause at 38.

The news of the tragic loss died on Thursday, June 9. The cause of death is still undeciphered. Kerby Craig (1983-2022) was a chef in Sydney. HE was overtly known for being the founder and owner of the popular Ume burger chain. 

Apart from this, the Australian chef was also a restaurateur and a successful business tycoon. He often entertained his followers through his social media account. Besides the Japanese fusion burger chain, Ume, the professional chef was also the owner of Ume Darling square.

He started working as a chef at the age of 15, and before finding his outlet, he also worked for Michelin star restaurants in the UK and Canada.

The address is via Ume’s social media page

The sudden news of Kerby’s death came as a shock to the people. The announcement made by the post was a miserable heartbreak. “With deep sorrow, we announce the unexpected passing of our founder, our dearest son, and brother, mentor, and friend, Kerby Craig,” these were the initial lines from the distressing post. 

As they grieved for his death, they also acknowledged the 10th anniversary of the Ume brand established by Kerby in 2012. The post described him as “Kerby strived to live out his passions and worked tirelessly to make Ume what it is today, bringing joy and fun to people through good food. 

He was driven and free-spirited, pursuing his goals with a determination few people possess.”

Who was Kerby Craig? (Wiki, Age, Biography)

Born and brought up in Sydney, the chef completed his graduation from a reputed university before becoming a professional chef. Due to his successful restaurant chains, he created a net worth of around $1-3 million.

The Daily Mail reported that he overcame an assault conviction in 2021 when it was discovered that he struck his girlfriend with a knife in a “jealous rage.” Craig’s lawyers claimed that Covid’s great pressure and the economic crisis had a role in the one-time assault. 

Although Craig’s conviction was overturned, he was sentenced to two years of community service following the offense.

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