Who was Negri Lamb? What was Negri Lamb Cause of Death?

A lady named Negri Lamb, a role model to many, died at the age of 100. 

Recently, one of the oldest employees of WVU passed away after being alive for 100 years; if you want to know more about her and her contributions to athletics, then continue reading. 

When did Negri Lamb die? How was her life before her death?

Negri Lamb was a lady who lived for 100 years and had a natural death last Sunday. She was born on 10th October 1921 in Morgantown, U.S. She finished her journalism degree course at WVU in 1943. She started working at WAJR radio in Morgantown and later worked at WPDX Clarksburg as Director of Continuity and Girls’ packages. 

She was hired as the secretary of athletics director at WVU’s Mr. Red Brown. Then on 1st July 1971, she was promoted as the Assistant Athletic Director after being promoted as the assistant director of Red Brown. She took care of the finance department and organized athletic events for the company. After this, she got a few more promotions and was promoted as the Ambassador for athletics. 

She arranged effects and programs by visiting various athletic officials, where she made many friends. Negri gave her whole soul to the company she worked for. She planned the state centenary celebration of the department, worked on the construction of the Coliseum, and did financing of the Women’s sports program in 1973. 

She became a role model for the staff of WVU during the many years that she worked in athletics. Pastilong mentioned after the match finishes, the first person you meet is her as she is the one who used to give them their $15 scholarship every month. She took retirement on 31st March 2013 after working for so many years. She passed away on 29th May 2022 at Morgantown’s Stonerise Healthcare Transitional care Institution at the age of 100. 

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