Who was Patrese Sayas? Bullet pieces were found in the skull of a nurse who was supposed to have died naturally.

On Thursday, July 7, a nurse was discovered dead at her house in Southfield, Michigan. Nobody understands what occurred. Investigators initially believed Patrese Sayas, 63, died peacefully. An autopsy, however, revealed that she had gunshot pieces in her skull. Sayas’ husband, Gregg McIntosh, was brutally murdered in a garage.  This adds to the intrigue of the situation. There are speculations that he committed suicide.

The investigation team contacted her daughter, Rochelle Davis. She revealed that her mother looked worried. she asked her to come home however Davis couldn’t help out. She wanted to reach home but she failed to show up on time. She got panic as the hospital called her to inform her that her mother did not come to work. She was a nurse, “Well, Patrese hasn’t called or arrived at work in three days. That’s so unlike her, and it’s never happened in the 30 years she’s been working.” She mentioned her stepfather McIntosh.

Rochelle hurried to Sayas’s house. she kept ringing the doorbell but nobody answered it. “I didn’t see her cat wandering around because her car was gone,” said Rochelle.

 After she phoned the cops, they arrived at her home on Avon Lane. However, the police stated that they did not believe it was essential to break in and thus left. “I suspected something was wrong when Southfield cops declined to undertake a welfare check,” says Rochelle.

“I found a half-open window that wasn’t locked all the way. My friend came to help me, and we got in. I climbed in the window.” “I just saw her lying in bed with her arm hanging down to the floor.” 

She contacted the authorities and rushed to Sayas’ residence. They initially claimed that her death appeared natural. But  Rochelle protested that it was impossible as her mother was healthy and was not dealing with any health issues. She suspected that her stepfather killed her mother.

 As per the medical reports, there were pieces of bullets found in her skull. Which makes it clear that she was killed. 

“It hurts a lot, and I’m her only child,” Rochelle explained. We no longer have any relatives here because they have all moved away over the years, so I’m here with my boys trying to do the right thing.”

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