Who was Roy Bubba? And what has happened to him?

Roy “Bubba,” a famous Marlette resident, Armstrong dies.

The death of Roy “Bubba” Armstrong is making headlines. He was little in physique, and he was soft-spoken.  However, his influence was far-reaching. Armstrong, a cherished Marlette native, and lifelong fixture died on Wednesday. 

“He had that combination of longevity and (being) anyone’s friend,” Marlette associate baseball coach Jim Marshall added. “And if he became your friend, he became your friend for life.”

“I don’t believe it’s an understatement to say he was an institution, “He provided a solid basis for the community. Even if you didn’t know him directly, everyone knew of his incredible friendliness to everyone. You saw goodness when you saw Bubba.”

Armstrong, who usually wore a goalkeeper’s uniform, was a regular at Red Raiders games for nearly five decades.

He was the coach of multiple teams and was frequently on the go. Officials and scorekeepers used to get snacks from Armstrong. 

“Taking care of referees was one of his major responsibilities,” Marshall explained. “He was known for bringing them water bottles and popcorn. It worked like a charm.”

However, what Armstrong accomplished greatest was communicate with individuals, regardless of whatever team they supported.

“He was liked by everyone,” Marlette athletic added. “It wasn’t only Marlette. Bubba had a particular niche at every school he attended. Whether it was Sandusky, Brown City, or Memphis, they always extended a hand to him. When it came to Bubba, there was no rival school.”

His reputation will go on soon following his passing, as proven by the emotions of other Upper Thumb coaches to his death.

“Bubba was assisting with one of the games at the moment,” he explained. “He was on our sidelines, and I may have whispered something about being thirsty. With a grin on his face, he walked up to our bench and handed me a glass of water.”

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