Antigoni Buxton wanted to participate in Love Island for what reason?

All you need to know about the Love Island 2022 participant aka musician Antigoni Buxton

With the arrival of newcomers Antigoni Buxton and a new lad, everything in the Love Island villa is set to change. On Tuesday night, Jay Younger spotted the singer-songwriter unwinding on a sun lounger in the villa garden, hinting of Buxton’s impending visit. Her entrance follows the departure of two islanders from Love Island as a result of a popular vote. When the public was asked to vote for their favourite guy and girl, Amber Beckford and Ikenna Ekwonna were booted off since they garnered the fewest votes.

As the singer-songwriter joins the cast of Love Island 2022, here is all that you need to learn about her.

Antigoni Buxton Wiki, Age, Biography

The offspring of chef Tonia Buxton, singer-songwriter Antigoni is from London. On Sunday Brunch, Tonia frequently appears. “I can’t believe that my @antigoni is in the Love Island House, she indicated she would be sunbathing this week, I didn’t realize she meant in Mallorca,” Tonia wrote on Instagram as she watched her daughter enter the villa.

When Antigoni was 20 years old, former president Darcus Beese signed her to Island Records. She was also married to Jack Fowler, a previous Love Island contestant.  Antigoni can be found on Instagram by @antigoni. She has 34.5k followers as of June 2022, and since she joined the ITV2 dating program, her following is only anticipated to increase. Yung Filly, Chunkz, and boxer Anthony Joshua are just a few of the renowned friends Antigoni has shared images and music videos with on Instagram.

Antigoni wanted to participate in Love Island for what reason?

“Since I’ve been alone for about a year and a half, my objective has been to participate in as many diverse activities as I can. I genuinely want to say “yes” to everything. why not Fun will be had. I’m a Cypriot woman who adores the sun. Nothing is at stake for me!” revealed is Antigoni.

She responded, “I think I’m going to offer a positive energy because I’m a pretty optimistic person,” when asked what she anticipates bringing to the villa.

Antigoni will have to queue till she arrives at the villa to see who piques her interest. “I won’t know who I’m feeling until I get in there – I need to meet someone in person and experience their energy and vibe,” she explained prior to entering the villa. She went on to explain why she’d be a wonderful girlfriend: “When I’m into someone, I’m completely devoted to them. My culture is one that is very open and generous, and I like to think that I carry that trait as a girlfriend. When I like someone, I give them my complete attention. I’d like that back as well!”

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