AOC acts arrested at an abortion rights rally by pretending to be handcuffed.

Following the momentous overthrow of Roe v. Wade last month, several prominent Democratic members of Congress were arrested on Wednesday during a rally in support of abortion rights in front of the supreme court. There was a rally in front of the US Capitol, with politicians screaming “our bodies, our choice” and “we won’t go back” as they made their way to the courthouse.

Representatives of the Democratic Party, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Cori Bush, gathered in front of a courthouse that is encircled by a tall, black fence that is supposedly impossible to climb.

As a form of peaceful civil disobedience, the group sat in the middle of the roadway while a number of police officers surrounded them and played a recorded message warning that they would be arrested for blocking the street.

About the arrests:

Afterward, the police began making arrests of the legislators, handcuffing them and escorting them to a cordoned-off location away from the street.

The Center for Popular Democracy, a social justice organization, orchestrated the direct action and broadcast it live online via its protest arm, CPD Action. According to CPD Action, 18 members have been detained. Among the total, there were 17 females. Only Michigan’s Andy Levin was a member of Congress.

Carolyn Maloney, a New York Democrat who was also arrested, released a statement in which she said, “I have the privilege of representing a state where reproductive rights are respected and protected — the least I can do is put my body on the line for the 33 million women at risk of losing their rights.”

The 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade upheld the right to an abortion and was overturned less than a month ago. Sixty percent of states have outright banned abortions or are seriously considering doing so.

A draught of the judgement to overturn Roe was leaked in May, amplifying the backlash against the Supreme Court, which is currently governed by six conservative justices, including three appointed by Donald Trump. The court’s 7-foot-tall security fence went up shortly thereafter.

Massive protests spread across the United States from New York to Los Angeles as soon as the formal decision was released, even in major cities in Republican-led states like Missouri and Texas.

Senate rejection of such legislation is virtually guaranteed, and individual states now have the ability to define abortion law, rendering Joe Biden’s announcement and the House’s subsequent passage of bills granting federal safeguards purely symbolic.

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