Who was Arianna Reyes-Gomez? Wiki, Age, Biography, Husband, Dies, Cause of Death

Ex-husband assaulted with the death of NYPD cop Arianna Reyes-Gomez.

The 31-year-old NYPD cop was off duty when her estranged husband brutally tagged her with knife stabs, leading to her miserable death. She has been working in the NYPD since 2019 and was allocated to the Transit Bureau. 

The incident took place on Monday 13th June, in a Bronx apartment. 33-year-old Argenis de Jesus Baez has been convicted of her murder. He has been charged with murder, manslaughter, and criminal possession of a weapon.

Details of the incident-

The assassination was the result of a significant fight. According to authorities, when things got out of hand, Arianna Reyes-Gomez called a relative, who called 911 and dispatched cops to the scene. 

Even neighbors claimed to have overheard an altercation. They didn’t comprehend, however, that it would be more than just loud shouts that had led to something terrible. By the time the cops arrived, they found her body unconscious and discovered multiple stab wounds. 

The cops paid her tribute by forming a guard of honor when her corpse was loaded into Ambulance. Fortunately, during the attack, her 3-year-old son was not at the incident site as he was left with a relative.

Condolences from family and friends-

In a tribute to the late cop, the NYPD released a statement saying-

“Today, we mourn. Our hearts are heavy as we investigate the tragic murder of an NYPD officer who was off-duty last night in the Bronx. 

We’re here for her loved ones, her fellow cops — and to ensure the person responsible is brought to justice.”While speaking through her family members, her sister grieved in pain and said: 

“I could always count on her through thick and thin. I can say that she was an extremely good person with a big heart, her heart was clean and pure, and she was one of the few goods and sincere people you can meet in this world.”

In a conversation with her brother, he seemed clueless about any mishappening between the convict and his sister, which he was aware of. He just stated that he knew ‘they were separated’ and nothing else.

Reports suggest that there was no prior assault or domestic violence history against the convict, and he was never charged for anything before.

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