Who was Dom Philips? Brazilian Police arrested a man on Dom Phillips missing Case

Brazilian Police shared the news that they have arrested a second man who was involved in the murder case of Brazilian journalist Dom Philips. 

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On 5th June 2022, Dom Phillips and his companion Bruno Pereira went on an adventure in the Amazon. 

After that, after spending some time, both of them went missing from the Amazon Location. Local officers looked into that matter and informed their higher authority. After that, they came to the location and searched for them. 

Dom Philips’s brother-in-law told on television that Brazilian Police informed her about the news on Monday morning. On that phone call, they said that two bodies were found, and along with the bodies, their accessories and some biology equipment were also found near their dead bodies. Police guessed that one of the bodies was famous Brazilian journalist Dom Philips. 

Police arrested a man in this Case: 

Yesterday Brazilian Police arrested a suspect in this case. Police guessed the main reason Dom Philips and his companion Bruno Pereira were missing was by order of this man. Police revealed his name, his name was Amarildo da Costa de Oliveira. 

Police officials said that they seized all the information around him, her belongings, and his equipment of Amarildo. Amarildo accepted that he planned the four-day tour, and they made all the arrangements. 

Philips’s family members and friends didn’t know anything about him. Police found the dead bodies and sent them for postmortem. After the postmortem, their bodies were handed over to their family. 

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