Crysta Abelseth, the victim who was ordered to ‘pay child support to her rapist

Crysta Abelseth, 32, who was allegedly assaulted when she was 16, is being directed to pay child support and give the custody of her 16-year-old daughter to a man who forcefully impregnated her when she was a teen. 

This verdict came after the Louisiana judge, Judge Jeffrey Cashe, who supervised the custody case, came to this unfair conclusion. While speaking to WBRZ, Crysta claimed that John Barnes was 30 when he did the sinful act. 

She is supported by a few non-profit organizations, including “Save Lives.” Abelseth also asserts that giving her daughter a cellphone led to losing her partial custody of the teen.

Facts about the incident-

Abelseth claimed that Barnes, the owner of a web company, Gumbeaux Digital Branding, has police as his clients. Barnes often threatened her by boasting about his internal connections with the Law Enforcement people. According to WBRZ, a genetic test confirmed Barnes’ paternity with near confidence, and he has admitted to being the father of Abelseth’s daughter. 

“He has a lot of connections,” Abelseth informed the news organization. “He’s threatened me several times, saying he has ties in the legal system and that he can whisk her away in an instant.” “Until it happened, I didn’t believe him.”

When Abelseth realized she was still inside the legal timeframe, she said she filed a police report against Barnes. In 2015, Abelseth decided to press charges against Barnes, according to WBRZ.

How Abelseth moved on in her life-

Abelseth is happily wedded as well as the mother of a toddler. 

According to her public Facebook page, Abelseth married in 2019. In a wedding photo, she is surrounded by bridesmaids in white dresses and a cheerful teen girl wearing leather boots.

There aren’t many public details on the profile. She routinely posts images of her daughter, with people referring to them as “twins.” 

On Facebook, a woman claiming to be Abelseth’s auntie expressed her support for her battle. Abelseth is being supported by Save Liv35, a Hammond-based non-profit organization.

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