Joey Hattenbrun Murder: Plot behind wicked Father in law’s loathsome act

Joey Hattenbrun Murder – It was the night of September 2011 when Chad Hattenbrun was on his way to his home in Florida, eagerly waiting to see his spouse, Joey Lynn Hattenbrun. But things didn’t go his way when he found his wife struggling for her life on the road. Chad instantly informed the police. 

The police, in their investigation, found Brett Hattenbrun, Joey’s father-in-law, responsible for this inhumane act. 

What happened on the night of September 2011?

Joey Lynn grew up in Key West, Florida, in 1981. She earned an associate’s degree from a community college after high school. Joey was employed as a pharmacy technician at a local pharmacy. Regarding her younger sibling, she was regarded as a caring sister and a devoted mother to her three-year-old kid. 

On September 16, 2011, around 11:43 p.m., Joey went home with her son and heard some grunting on the street. Chad discovered Joey on the ground with terrible injuries. He then immediately dialed 911, and she was taken to the hospital. Joey, unfortunately, died as a result of her injuries. 

In addition to brain contusion and defensive wounds, the 30-year-old suffered multiple fractures in her skull. Joey was brutally struck with a hard object.

Brett Hattenbrun’s side of the story:

When they came, Brett hurled a pitcher full of gasoline in front of the cops. Then he used a nail gun to fire. Brett was shot in the stomach by one of the officers, and he was apprehended. Authorities interrogated him at the hospital, but he denied participating in the crime. “I said, ‘Stop screaming,’ I hit her, she screamed a few more times, I hit her again,” he admitted a few hours later. 

“I just smacked her till she stopped screaming,” he said. It’s believed that Brett appeared “twisted” and wanted to be killed when he attacked the officials during his questioning. Though he didn’t hurt them, he claimed the confession coerced him. 

In April 2014, Brett was sentenced to life in jail. Authorities claimed Brett died on July 30, 2018, aged 67, due to natural causes.

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