Dyshea Upshaw Dies, Cause of Death, Obituary

Know about the death of Dyshea Upshaw

Dyshea Upshaw was a dancer in a renowned dance studio dollhouse dance factory. 

She is in the news because of her death, and one more member of their company has been shot and killed; their trainer revealed this news, and the trainer also posts some tributing words towards Dyshea Upshaw, and by these words, we can understand that she was so close with her trainer and also a very talented person and their whole team and trainer is very hurt from the death of a talented member of their team and with this news the people who knew Upshaw are very sad.

Know the words from Coach Dianna Williams on the death of Dyshea Upshaw:- 

Williams tells that Dyshea was nicknamed dancing doll and she died after the death of Shakira Galtin who was a member of their company and this is very shocking for all of us. 

Williams is the owner of Dollhouse dance factory said this is a very disappointing day and my whole team is broken the all member of the team do all things together which include face timing, encountering, texting, talking, and celebrating and he also says that Dyshea had something special and she left so much impact on all of us he also shares that these dancers are not just our team they are like our students, children, and family who are never apart from us Dyshea was very talented and never turn back.

She was very courageous and he praised her by saying that dance runs in her veins just like other members and he also said that rest in peace and Williams.

Also posted something earlier in which he shows his anger because of the loss of a talented team member he said that I am not ok Jesus and at the last, he said that he is going to miss her smile and laughter and please give strength to her family and friends. 

Know the cause of the death of Dyshea Upshaw:- 

The cause of her death is still unknown, but one thing is striking to all: some days before, one member named Shakira shot and killed their team, and now Dyshea and Williams also didn’t reveal the reason for her death.

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