How did Cacho Fontana Die? What happened to Cacho Fontana?

Is Cacho Fontana dead? And what has happened to him?

The death news of Cacho Fontana is circulating all over the internet. He was one of those people who lived a long and happy life.

He witnessed the pandemic and survived it. 

Fontana battled a variety of ailments and health issues. In 2020, he became diagnosed with Covid-19, which was followed by multiple diseases transmitted by asthma. His health deteriorated as a result.

He worked as a national media host. He was famous for his distinct style and voice. He had an impression on radio, television, and advertising. The complete artistic fraternity is saddened by his passing. 

 Recently the family announced his death. They shared his legacy with the world.

 However, there is no specific information regarding his death.

His family confirmed that he had difficulties with his coronavirus image. He was isolated in his room where he celebrated his birthday. His daughter posted a picture of him on social media and explained her father’s circumstances. “Dad had a fantastic day celebrating his birthday.”

“On April 20, a swab was taken, which came back negative. He had to be transported to the Fernández hospital on Saturday afternoon/night. He’s got pneumonia. They performed a fresh test to determine the presence of coronavirus in the hospital, as required by the procedure, and the result was positive. He already had Covid-19 and the first dosage of AstraZeneca,” he explained.

He got infected with the virus two years ago when he was alongside numerous coworkers in the apartment wherein he stays. He was hospitalized; however, his lungs barely healed, and he needed to be hospitalized twice afterward for asthma.

Who was Cacho Fontana?  

Chub Fontana was born and bought up in Barracas on April 23, 1932. Since childhood, he aspired to join radio, which he eventually did in 1950. He worked there for long forty years.

He also launched as an artist in the cabaret Chantecler, located at 400 Paraná Street.

Then he moved to radio as a replacement commentator for Julius Caesar Barton (1950) and was succeeded by  Jaime Font Saravia as an illustrator of “The Lightning,” a programme based on newspaper articles.

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