How did Eli Evans die? What happened to Eli Evans?

Eli N. Evans wrote several works, including “The Provincials: A Personal History of Jews in the South.”

Dixie Diaspora author and memoirist Eli N. Evans passed away on July 26 at a New York City hospital. Evans’ work focused on the Jewish community in the American South through the prism of his own family. He was 85. Josh Evans, his son, indicated that difficulties from covid-19 were to blame. 

Who was Eli Evans? (Wiki, Age, Bio)

Mr. Evans, a graduate of Yale Law School, spent his early career in Washington, DC, working as a speechwriter for President Lyndon B. Johnson. From 1977 until 2003, he worked in New York as the president of the Charles H. Revson Foundation, a charitable organization.

But the South would always hold a special place in his heart. Evans was born in North Carolina to a Jewish family, one of many whose plights were obscured by the more well-known tales of European Jews seeking refuge in the Northeastern United States. In “The Provincials: A Personal History of Jews in the South,” first published in 1973 and reissued in 1997 and 2005, Mr. Evans chronicles these hitherto unreported tales.

Mr. Evans stated that he was raised to value his Jewish heritage. He recounted that when his father ran for office, he promoted his leadership in the local synagogue, knowing that participation in one’s place of worship was highly valued by Southern voters. Durham’s desegregation in the 1950s and 1960s is often attributed to his efforts as mayor.

Mr. Evans was the student body president at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill when he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1958. He enlisted in the Navy and then attended Yale University, graduating in 1963.

Mr. Evans worked for the Johnson administration for about a year after finishing law school. Before joining the Revson Foundation, he worked as a program executive at the Carnegie Corporation, a philanthropic foundation, after relocating to New York in the late 1960s. He oversaw the distribution of funds to urban, educational, and biomedical initiatives, as well as Jewish interests, by the organization.

Mr. Evans had met Judith London in New York, a fellow Jewish southerner who had been raised in an Orthodox home in Montgomery, Alabama. They tied the knot back in 1981. Mr. Evans brought a jar of earth from their home state of North Carolina to the hospital when their son was born.

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