How did Kyle Kroll die? What happened to Kyle Kroll?

Season 8 of “Southern Charm” may seem to be focused on the drama, but Kyle Kroll, Austen Kroll’s older sister, is mentioned several times during the season.

Austen Kroll can now be seen in the reality shows Winter House and Southern Charm. The entrepreneur’s recent efforts have been directed toward the introduction of his line of artisan beers.

In order to keep his Instagram fans abreast of all the latest news and occurrences, Austen posts regular updates. 

Even while everything about his life appears ideal, many of his followers may not know that Austen has been through a devastating breakdown. Kyle Kroll, his older sister, passed away in a horrible accident. Austen Kroll’s sister, Kyle Kroll, has apparently died and is no longer living, as reported by The Daily Mail.

In the most recent episode of the hit Bravo reality show “Southern Charm,” the newest cast member revealed the heartbreaking circumstances behind the loss of his older sister.

How did Kyle Kroll die?

According to Austen Kroll, his older sister Kyle fell from a cliff when the family was out rock climbing and died when she was just nine years old. The premiere of the fourth season, which aired earlier this year, marked Kyle’s first appearance on television.

They are also close with Austen’s sister Katie Kroll. To say that Katie is taken aback by her older brother’s reality show presence is an understatement.

Austen has confessed that she finds his reality TV shows amusing and that her pals have inquired about him. A report on the event surfaced in August 1994, and it detailed how seven-year-old Austen had jumped outside one of the barricades that ran down the pathways as Kyle and her cousins were running ahead of the rest of the party.

Rutherford County’s coroner, Shane Earley, states “she slipped and fell” the minute her aunt realized this. Earley believes Kyle’s injuries from the fall (which was roughly 200 feet down the cliff’s side) caused her death instantly.

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