Losing hands-on Cllr. James Tobin

It is rightly said by the great leader Mahatma Gandhi, “You don’t know who is important to you until you lose them.” Losing this legend made us realize what we lost. Still unable to digest the death of one of the famous, renowned, and experienced CLLR. 

James Tobin, the former Mayor of Waterford city. Day by day, losing one after another gem is flabbergast. A person like him is difficult to find in a crowd of people. Not only the intelligence, but he was also well versed in his behavior. 

Looking towards his intelligence-

James is perfectly suitable in this field and also took various roles which added to his knowledge booklet. He was a Chairman of the Waterford GAA County Board in 1984.

A Member of the Knockanore, Glendine, Kilwatermoy Community Council, Member of South East Regional Authority, and Vice Chairman of Deise Link Rural transport Committee that made sure that the people of the rural areas are provided with the facility of transport for they might not feel isolated. 

He was also known as the Board of Management of St. Carthages House Lismore. Then in 1999, they became a counselor. In 2014 and 2015, he was declared the first Mayor of the newly amalgamated Waterford City and County Council. 

After the long gap, in 2020/21, James served as Cathaoirleach of Dungarvan and Lismore District Council. James was elected as Deputy Mayor of Waterford City and County.

Getting to know his personal life-

Almost every person who knows him doesn’t get tired of praising his personality. Getting to know him was one of the best opportunities ever. While in the post of Deputy Mayor of Waterford city and country, he lost Anne’s precious gem of his life. 

He described her as the pillar of his strength. Afterward, he got well settled with his partner and six children. 

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